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rayne saki pink set_2

One of the things I really am enjoying in “Second Life” are the hunts. I like being able to look for an item, hunting it down from a clue. There is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, not to mention I get pretty excited to see what the gift is going to be.

At this mini hunt at Rayne you need to find four small black boxes and buy for 0L. Each one contains a clue to the next until you find the last one…which has this gorgeous skirt & blouse outfit. I am a huge fan of pink, and this outfit is so cute and great for summer. I love it!

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Today I decided to do a little bit of traveling about. I am wearing a kimono dress which is a gift from Sn@tch. While it’s not how I would traditionally picture a kimono, I do love this little dress.

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twa bleu_2

I found out something very exciting today! The White Armory not only offers a new group gift every month…it actually offers a group gift every week on Sunday! I love the new dress that I was able to get today. It is called La Temps das Fleurs Mesh Set Blue. It is such a pretty, mesh dress with a sculpted chiffon overskirt.

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For someone that is so looking forward to the sunshine and summer, I keep finding myself in the cold snowy places of SL. After finding this very simple yet classic looking peacoat, I just had to find an appropriate climate in which to wear it. The coat comes in 3 different colors…wine, tan, and black…and has several buttons which decorate the front bodice. It is very well made and fit me quite nicely.

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