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So I arrived at my destination which happened to be some sort of welcome center within “Second Life.” I’m not sure if that’s me on the left or the right!


Knowing I would need some new clothes, and having no lindens, I headed out to Fameshed. See all those little blue boxes? Each one of them has a gift from a very generous creator that you can buy for 0L (free.)


Having picked up all the gifts at Fameshed I decided to try an immersive game by Firestorm at the “Ghosttown.” Basically, you have to find 20 ghosts and take their picture. By taking their picture you free their spirit.


The build itself is very well done…creating a gloomy, scary atmosphere including the sound effects. You walk around the place, find the dead spirits and watch them disappear as you snap your camera, setting their spirit free.


After finding the other 19 spirits, you will find #20 downstairs waiting for you. He will give you the key which gains you access to all the goodies just beyond that door. Once done, wear the key and head in.


You have made it! You’ve set all 20 of the spirits free!  Each one of the boxes is a gift. Just buy for 0L and it’s all yours. What a fun way to get some pretty great gifts!

In my next post I will show you a few of my favorite things that I picked up from both Fameshed and The Ghost Town.


The Ghost Town By MadPea

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