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LDD jumper top jeans

After enjoying a very relaxing weekend, I felt a bit energetic and decided to participate in one of the great hunts that are happening. I chose the ‘What? What? Do What You Want’ hunt. You are looking for a question mark, and it will cost you 1L to purchase each gift.

The first gift I would like to share is from Lady Dragon’s Designs. If you find the question mark you will receive this outfit…a jumper top and skinny black jeans. I really like the texture on the top of this outfit. Also included are slink heels which I am not showing as I don’t have the slink feet.

I am, however, showing some black patent leather pumps from Tonic Shoes. They are a free gift to all avatars under the age of 45 days.

grumble heart shape pink

If you find the question mark at Grumble, you will receive this very cute pink heart top. It will look awesome with all those cute summer shorts, skirts, and jeans I will be wearing.

SI aggie shorts top

The last item I wanted to show today is this Aggie shorts and top outfit from Sweet Intoxication. Just find the question mark and you have the perfect outfit for the upcoming Summer days.

so ready for this_1

In the meantime, I think I’ll just take a little rest from all that hunting in my perfect little outfit. Remember to look for the question mark and buy the item for 1L to get your gifts. Good luck!

Sweet Intoxication   hunt item 1L

Lady Dragon’s Designs  hunt item 1L

Grumble  hunt item 1L

Tonic Shoes  free gift to all avatars under the age of 45 days

Pink Fuel  free to all avatars under the age of 30 days

Argrace Sakura Hair (dark brown and baby blonde) group gift free to join

[b] [s] eyes Earth 03  Marketplace 0L

Moon shape by Snow Marketplace 0L

What? What? Do What You Want Hunt


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