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ee christmas

I know it may seem a little strange to start out this post in my new winter clothes but I wanted to show you the shape and skin I am wearing. It is a gift from EE and is a complete avatar Christmas gift and includes everything shown…eyes, shape, skin, hat w/hair attached boots & jeans.


Continuing with the What? What? Do What You Want! hunt, I wanted to share a few more of the items I found. At Bound & Bitten you will find this texture change set of pearls. A hud is included with 5 different colors. Not shown are the blue and pink colors. You also get to see a better close-up of the face and skin from the previously mentioned gift.

dd peacock

If you find the question mark at Donnique’s Designs, you will receive this skirt and peasant blouse which has a peacock feather pattern on it.

kawaii purple

The hunt gift from Waffles Babygirl & Gacha Finds is this Kawaii dress in purple which includes the over-the-knee purple socks. I wore my black patent leather shoes from Tonic Shoes with it.

summer peach redrose

The last two items I want to show you are the Summer Peach skirt with peasant blouse from Blush, and the necklace and earrings from Redrose Jewellry.

I’ve included a link to the hints and slurls for the participating stores if you are interested in joining in the hunt. Remember each find will cost you 1L.

Happy hunting!

Blush  1L

PinUp  1L

Donnique’s Designs  1L

Bound & Bitten  1L

Gacha Finds  1L

Redrose jewellry  1L

EE Complete Avatar Christmas Gift  1L

What? What? Do What You Want!  hunt

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