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pink sweater coco jeans

I don’t know about you, but as long as I have my jeans and sweaters (for winter) or tee shirts (for summer) then I’m pretty much good to go. I love dressing in casual, comfortable clothes. Don’t get me wrong…I love being able to get all dressed up but for me that is just for special occasions. I am a very casual type of girl.

coco skinny jeans

These Coco Designs skinny jeans are one of the many, many group gifts you may get if you join their group. They are very well made, and who couldn’t use another pair of cute, comfy jeans?

lowkey shawty sweaters_1

I was so happy when I found the cutest sweaters while looking on Marketplace. Each one will cost you 1L. They are mesh and beyond cuteness. I couldn’t decide which I liked the best.

sweater cats

Cats Sweater

sweater elephant

Elephant Sweater

sweater owl

Midnight Owl Sweater

sweater panda

Panda Sweater

sweater pink

Pink Sweater

I love all of them and know I will be wearing them often when the weather gets cooler.

Mayfly chocolate brown eyes.jpg

Mayfly has a new group gift out and they are these beautiful Dark Chocolate (50% v2) eyes! Just join the Keshie group, go to the store, activate the group and click on the gift and they are yours. What a beautiful gift. Stay in the group because the creator gives a new group gift monthly. Not to mention that they are some of the most beautiful eyes I have seen in SL.

Lowkey Shawty Sweaters  Marketplace this page  1L each

Coco Designs Skinny Jeans  group gift group free to join

Mayfly eyes group gift group free to join

Little Bones Hair Scope  Marketplace  0L


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