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For someone that is so looking forward to the sunshine and summer, I keep finding myself in the cold snowy places of SL. After finding this very simple yet classic looking peacoat, I just had to find an appropriate climate in which to wear it. The coat comes in 3 different colors…wine, tan, and black…and has several buttons which decorate the front bodice. It is very well made and fit me quite nicely.


It’s a good thing I was wearing my La Marais boots from Loordes of London. It appears I’ve taken a wrong turn and the snow is a bit deeper than I had anticipated. The boots were available for a time by looking in the notices of the Loordes of London group, which is free to join. They are no longer available but I would suggest you join for any future gifts. The quality is extremely good.

vitrimi peacoat fatpack

I am wearing Fabia Mesh Hair Rima. It is a rigged mesh hair which includes a hud with 30 different natural shades to choose from! I am still wearing the new group gift eyes from Mayfly called Dark Chocolate. I can’t seem to take them off yet they are so pretty! The Keshie group is free to join and you will receive a beautiful gift each month.

Vitrimi Peacoat Fat Pack  Marketplace 1L

Fabia Mesh Hair Rima Natural Tones  Marketplace 1L

Mayfly eyes group gift group free to join

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