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twa bleu_2

I found out something very exciting today! The White Armory not only offers a new group gift every month…it actually offers a group gift every week on Sunday! I love the new dress that I was able to get today. It is called La Temps das Fleurs Mesh Set Blue. It is such a pretty, mesh dress with a sculpted chiffon overskirt.

twa bleu gg

I paired this beautiful dress with a classic pair of cream colored pumps.

I just need to remember to check back at The White Armory every week as I would hate to miss any of their lovely gifts.

The White Armory  Mesh blue dress weekly group gift free to join

Classic Pumps Cream shade  Marketplace 0L

Iffy Shape by Snow  Marketplace 0L

Fabia Mesh Hair Rima Natural Tones  Marketplace 1L

Pink Fuel   Renee Crystal pure free to all avatars under the age of 30 days

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