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FS Starry Night Blouse

I wanted to start by showing these blouses from Fishy Strawberry called Starry Night. They come in six different colors, in sizes from xxs to lg. These blouses will be perfect for the hot summer days ahead.

FS Christmas Turtleneck

Even though you won’t need them for a while, you may want to grab these two Christmas turtlenecks.  The quality is great and they will come in handy forthe holiday next December.

FS Moto Jeggings

Be sure to pick up the jeans while you are there. They come in two styles…curvy and regular and are called Moto Jettings Ombre 1 & 2. You will notice a subtle difference when you put them on. All the items are free. You just buy them for 0L and you don’t even have to join a group to get them.

LRH frayed med denim shorts

These frayed denim shorts looked perfect to wear on a hot summer day. I paired them up with one of the blouses from Fishy Strawberry. I really like how the straps criss-cross across my bare back.

FAC Sunny Bikini

FA Creations latest group gift is this Sunny bikini. You are sure to look hot at the beach wearing this.

FAC Sunny Bikini_2

I love the color and the texture of this bikini.

long weekend

Stay cool…and enjoy your long weekend. I certainly intend to!

Fishy Strawberry  all gifts 0L  no group to join

FA Creations  group gift group free to join

LRH Frayed Medium Shorts Mesh  Marketplace 1L

Iffy Shape by Snow  Marketplace 0L

Pink Fuel   Renee Hazel pure free to all avatars under the age of 30 days

Analog Dog Gemma Dark Blondes (freeball on beach)  0L


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