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rayne saki pink set_2

One of the things I really am enjoying in “Second Life” are the hunts. I like being able to look for an item, hunting it down from a clue. There is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, not to mention I get pretty excited to see what the gift is going to be.

At this mini hunt at Rayne you need to find four small black boxes and buy for 0L. Each one contains a clue to the next until you find the last one…which has this gorgeous skirt & blouse outfit. I am a huge fan of pink, and this outfit is so cute and great for summer. I love it!

rayne saki pink set

You also get these heart shaped sunglasses (which I almost overlooked in my excitement to wear the outfit.) I really like everything about this…the colors, style, textures, and quality are all top notch.

Thank you for such a lovely gift and a fun time.

Rayne  Saki skirt & blouse

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