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carefree child

I am feeling very happy and carefree today so what would be better than to return to that wonderful time in my life….at least for a couple of hours?

Lumae Lily Child Skin

The skin and shape I am wearing is a gift from Lumae. Just buy the box that is sitting on the floor for 0L. There are a total of 9 different shades and a child shape as well. I am showing a spectrum of the shades you will find from the lightest to the darkest.

The clothes I am wearing come from Vicarious Youth and you will find them at New Resident Island. Just buy them for 0L. My hair is from Entwined and is called Anna. There are several group gifts to be gotten. The group is free to join.

chloe's imaginary friend

Mynerva has this adorable little avatar called Chloe’s Imaginary Friend which includes the shape and the unusual colored skin. You don’t need to be in the group to buy this cute little avatar for 0L.

queen of the mountain

So for a bit longer I shall remain the king…make that queen…of the mountain before my RL calls me once more.

Vicarious Youth at New Resident Island  0L

Lumae Aeva/HS Lily child skin  0L

Mynerva Little Chloe shape  0L

Mynerva  Little Chloe’s Imaginary Friend  0L

Entwined Anna hair group gift free to join

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