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TWA Subarashi Kimono

It’s already the middle of the week….and what a busy week it has been too! I am finally getting a chance to show you this beautiful gift from TWA (The White Armory.) It is called Subarashi Mesh Kimono and is the current weekly gift (yes I did say weekly!) I love this kimono. The colors are so pretty and it is so well made.



TWA kimono_1

Did you know that the kimono is wrapped with the left overlapping the right side, then secured with a sash around the waist and tied in the back into a bow?


I just had to show you how the sash ties around the back into a bow…or officially it would be referred to as an obi.

SD Valentina Gowns

If you join the Shoenique group, which is free to join, you will have access to three midnight mania boards which happened to have the Valentina gowns for the prize. Fortunately, all three of the boards locked and I was able to get all of these beautiful gowns. There are also a dozen lucky boards or members to click on when their letter comes up.

SD Valentina blue

These mesh gowns are each just as lovely as the next. I am wearing Linday Lianna Spring shoes with this dress (from a previous hunt.) I’m sure you have also been noticing my hair.

Diva Iris Hair

The hair is  called Iris and it is a current group gift from Diva. I was amazed at just how gorgeous this hair is, and there is such a wide range of options. You have already seen the short version. You also have the option of having your hair long, having a braid down your shoulders, or having a headband or not. Also there is the option whether or not to have the long locks across the front of your shoulders. You may either add the flowers or hide them as well. The hud includes 13 different colors as well! What an amazing gift, and the group is free to join.

SD Shoenique Designs Valentina Gown  Midnight Mania gifts for group  free to join

Diva Hair Iris  Current Group Gift  free to join

Lindy Lianna Spring shoes (from previous hunt)

Mayfly Eyes London Fog 0L

TWA (The White Armory) Subarashi Mesh Kimono current weekly group gift free to join

Covertnoom Sneaker Flats Black  Marketplace  1L

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