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TWA rogue

The new group gift from The White Armory is called Femme Fatale Rogue Mesh Set….and oh how I love it! It fit my regular classic avatar like a glove. You get several options with the meshes to wear all, the top, or the bottom. The boots are included in the outfit. I love the colors, and the quality is perfection.


TWA rogue_2

I love all the fine detail especially found in the blouse….from the eyelet ties to the hem of the jacket in the back.

TWA rogue_3

I have a feeling I am going to have so much fun wearing this and exploring about.


Evelineinthebox has a new group gift out. While I really like it, I’m not really sure where I could wear it. It does tend to be a bit revealing but I must say it is a beautiful gown. I have worn with it my pearl necklace from Bound & Bitten which I picked up from a previous hunt.


Alyssa gown from Evelineinthebox.

Evelineinthebox Alyssa group gift group free to join

Diva hair Iris group gift group free to join

Lindy Lianna Spring shoes (previous hunt)

Bound & Bitten Pearl Necklace w/color changing hud (previous hunt)

TWA Femme Fatale Rogue Mesh Set Tortuga group gift group free to join



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