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While the WOW Skins lucky boards are usually available to group members only, they were open for even non-group members over the weekend. There are about 20 boards, so your chances of getting a great skin are pretty good. I stuck around for a while and was fortunate enough to get some very nice skins in a large range of shades. I’m showing some of the different skins and skin tones here.

wow lexi darktan fatpack mm

There were also three midnight mania boards, and again, it was not only for group members for the weekend. While all the boards locked, I was able to get two of the gifts. I’m not sure why I didn’t get the third but with so many skins already….who’s complaining? Certainly not me.

This skin is called Lexie and in the dark tan shade. It was a fatpack which included the shape as well as several different eyebrow colors and freckles.

wow noelle darktan fatpack mm

The other Midnight Mania board had the skin called Noelle in the dark tan shade. It also included a shape with the different eyebrow and the freckles tattoo layers in the fatpack.

The WOW group costs 400L right now to join, but I believe they occasionally open the group to join for 0L. I plan to keep my eyes open should that ever happen.

WOW Skins

Blue PolkaDot Bikini  for classic and has many appliers  Marketplace 0L

Retro Bikini  for classic and has many appliers Marketplace 1L


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