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legendaire rose gown

The LEGENDAIRE group is free to join today and I would highly suggest you take advantage of the opportunity! There are several group gifts available. I wanted to show a few of the gowns you can get.

This one is called the Rose Gown. I really like the black bodice and the texture of the skirt in this dress.

legendaire cannonball gown

This lovely black and white gown is called Cannonball gown.

boss long dress

The Bo$$ long dress has a texture change hud which offers four different textures.

chloe maxi dress

The Chloe maxi dress offers three different textures on a hud…and a pair of fun sunglasses should you spend the day out on the beach.

love story gown

The Love Story gown happens to be my favorite of the ones shown. I love everything about it…from the way the front fabric overlaps beneath the bodice to the plunging back. I also love all the colors in the hud, offering a choice of five different looks.

norma maxi dress

The Norma maxi dress has a plunging neckline as well as showing off a good portion of your back. It is so perfect for the summer months. This dress has appliers for Belleza and Slink as well as the alpha for the classic avatar. The hud offers four different textures.

Be sure to get over to LEGENDAIRE today and pick up these lovely gifts. The group is free to join today so hurry and join so you can get any future gifts as well.

LEGENDAIRE  Rose Gown;  Cannonball Gown;  Bo$$ Long Dress (with hud 4 textures);  Chloe Maxi Dress (with hud 3 textures);  Love Story Gown (with hud 6 textures); Norma Maxi Dress (appliers for Belleza and Slink as well as hud with 4 textures);


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