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fac windsong and NSP

I know it’s not June…and I’m no June bride. I kind of feel like one though! The new group gift from FA Creations is this lovely skirt and blouse called “windsong.”  The beautiful bouquet I am wearing is a grand opening gift from NSP Florals. While the group is now 100L to join, the grand opening gift is free to all and no group is needed!

NSP opening gitt

The grand opening gift from NSP includes the bouquet with the pose as well as the sprig of matching flowers to wear in your hair. If you do decide to join the group, the previous gifts are also available in a box for you.

FAC Windsong Skirt Blouse_1

FAC Windsong skirt and blouse is the latest group gift. You really don’t want to miss this. It’s so perfect for summer. The group is free to join.

twa arabasque gown_3

I so love The White Armory and all the beautiful creations to be found there. This week’s gift is no exception. The Arabesque Gown is just gorgeous.

twa arabasque gown_2

The set is mesh and comes in several different sizes. It includes the ballet sweater and even a hat.

TWA Arabasque Gown

The White Armory offers a new group gift every Sunday, so you still have a few days to get this one. Don’t miss it…especially if you are into a bit of roleplay.

FA Creations Windsong skirt and blouse current group gift. Group free to join.

NSP Florals  Grand opening gift free to all no group needed

The White Armory  Arabesque gown. Current group gift. Group free to join.



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