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While the WOW Skins lucky boards are usually available to group members only, they were open for even non-group members over the weekend. There are about 20 boards, so your chances of getting a great skin are pretty good. I stuck around for a while and was fortunate enough to get some very nice skins in a large range of shades. I’m showing some of the different skins and skin tones here.

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milk tea & lumae

The Women Only Hunt is winding down. You only have one more day to find all the coconuts and reap all the great gifts from such generous creators. I have really enjoyed this hunt. It was so well organized. I loved the idea of the HUD which gave the hint and location to the next store to visit. Plus I really enjoy visiting around and discovering so many new stores. Be sure to join the group and you can find the hud in notices.

I am wearing the gift from Milk Tea. A little set called Flamingo Love. It is totally adorable. It is the #12 store. I like that most of the gifts included the classic fit as well as the appliers for those (most) of you who are in your beautiful mesh bodies. I am also wearing the current group gift from Lumae. You also get this very cute shape with the skin, not to mention tons of options and appliers. The group is 1L to join.

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dresses by Kamiri

Kamiri is a new store for me, and I was quite overwhelmed with all the gifts available for group members. The group is free to join. There are several gifts from previous months, as well as the sequin dress (shown in the middle) which is their gift for this month. I thought I would show a few of my favorites. Appliers are included with each gift.

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TWA Subarashi Kimono

It’s already the middle of the week….and what a busy week it has been too! I am finally getting a chance to show you this beautiful gift from TWA (The White Armory.) It is called Subarashi Mesh Kimono and is the current weekly gift (yes I did say weekly!) I love this kimono. The colors are so pretty and it is so well made.

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